Hello My name is Rita But in Hebrew roots it is RitYah. I have been on a journey my whole life searching for the truth. I was raise catholic but found out that they teach lies. Look into yourself and you will see the truth.

There is NO bigger HOAX on planet earth than the Roman Catholic Church!  Oh how I wish I could get people to wake up to the truth.   I don’t even call the Roman Catholic organization a “church”…it is a RELIGION of man made traditions and lies of the devil.  It certainly is NOT a Biblical New Testament church.  Let me clarify right from the very start that I do NOT hate anyone. I love the Pope and all Catholics just as I do all people (I really do).  I love them with Yahweh’s love.  I love them enough to risk being unpopular by telling them the truth of Yahweh’s Word For I believe that they know no better  Though I may not like someone, I am still commanded in the Bible to love them.  I have no intentions to be unkind to anyone, I simply want to preach the TRUTH of Yahweh’s Word. 

Undoubtedly, many people will be offended because the truth always offends those who are living in sin and darkness.

Have a blessed day and come follow the truth that we can learn together

RitYah ( Rita)


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