YAHWEH’s Truth Behind The Pagan Holiday Christmas



YAHWEH’s Truth Behind The Pagan Holiday Christmas


Truth behind the lies of pagan Holiday known as CHRISTMAS. There are a lot of celebrations taking place all over the world on this day known as December 25th, but none of them are celebrating the birth of YAHSHUA our MESSIYAH!

Unbeknownst to the multitudes of Christians, and other religions, those celebrations are made by witches, warlocks, but mainly by Luciferians. I know you are thinking “why Luciferians”? So I’ll tell you why. Try to go over this a few times so you make sure it’s absolutely correct, and then once you do, “remember it”!

The reason Luciferians celebrate it is because they know their god Satan has tricked most of the people that call themselves Christians into believing a lie, and that makes those people seen for who they are. “Weak in study and able to be told anything.” Today’s modern day believer is unequipped to do battle with Satan and that gives him an advantage over them.

The Truth About The Birth Of YAHSHUA

Open your Scriptures to the Book of Luke. We will start with a view of the time period for MESSIYAH’S actual birth, then probe into why we’ve been lied to all these years. Luka (Luke) 1:5 “The kohen ( priest) named ZachariYah was of the Aaronic kohen family and was picked by the casting of lots for the feast of weeks. (Approx. June 13-21) read Luka 1:1-10, in verse:11 a Malak (angel) appeared to him to inform ZachariYah that he was chosen by ABBA YAHWEH to bear the son he and his wife has prayed for. Read Luka 1:11-23. He was terrified yet doubted ABBA YAHWEH’s Word so he was made mute until after the naming of Yochanan the Baptist. After that he returned home. approx. June 21st – 23.     

Read Luka 1:24-25, Elizabeth becomes pregnant and because of her age and health (wanting this baby without any complications) remains in doors. Read Luka 1:26-38 Miriam the birth mother of MESSIYAH gets a visit from the Malak and is informed. She also will give birth to a child, but this child is much different than Yochanan, this child will be the seed of YAHWEH placed inside a descendant of Jesse, “The root of David” (Notice Elizabeth is in her 6th month as Miriam becomes impregnated)” approx. Dec. 23-27th. Now I could explain right from here” count 9 mos.” but let’s go a few steps further read Luka 1:39-56, Miriam comes to Elizabeth’s House, stays with her cousin 3 mos. , (verse 56) and leaves.

The reason I went on is because I wanted you to see that Elizabeth didn’t have any complications or a late birth. Read Luka 1:57-80. Miriam leaves Elizabeth, and then she gives birth to Yochanan. The father ZachariYah does the right thing by naming him and his tongue is loosened. HalleluYah. Just think of all the time he had to listen to his wife and could not say a word back to her, “now that’s punishment.” Elizabeth was due to give birth in March not in June, Miriam was impregnated in December, she did not give birth in the month the so called “church fathers” dedicated the birth of MESSIYAH to. “They changed it!”

These so called “church father’s” pre-existed the man who would continue in their efforts to malign the true doctrine that we were supposed to be taught. Instead Constantine, who was a wife murdering madman, and killed his very own children, found a way to align pagan worship (paganomics) with what was being called “Christianity.” It would allow pagans to bring some long time rituals into the church. “Easter” (Ishtar) The fertility goddess, whose name was originally “Asherah,” or “Astarte.” YAHWEH had the Asheran pole (may pole dancing) taken out of all HIS Tabernacles. “Churchianity brought it back with Easter.”

Christmas? Can you find it in Scripture? If you can we are reading different copies of Scripture! I would think if we should worship a holiday, then our ABBA YAHWEH would not have left it out of HIS Word!

If we turn to YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 7:14 we see a prediction or as we call it “prophecy” of MESSIYAH –Note: no where does it say create a new holiday or feast day! Look at YeshaYahu 9:6-12 here again prophecy of MESSIYAH, – again NO WHERE does it say “and you shall have a feast in remembrance of HIM! It also does not say” you shall have a basket full of candy to give to your kids on the day assigned to another god!” However it does say, “You shall have no other gods before ME!” I can show you that one!”

This so called organization became known as the Catholic church. They are deceivers. Their way is full of violence, hatred, lying, and sexual scandals. This is not new, it has been happening for centuries. They have people worshipping statues, figures, crosses, praying to Mary – (where is that in Scripture?) worshipping a “Pope”. That is ridiculous. They kiss this clowns hand, and  worse yet “he loves it.” I tell you “he has his reward already!” How can you liberate a bold faced lie? I tell you right now “there is Hell to pay!!!”

Put YAHWEH First In Our Lives

Our ABBA YAHWEH allows people like these to exist to test our sincerity. If we love the Creator we will be about HIS business! If we put HIM first in all our lives HE will supply us with knowledge, understanding, and the ability to complete our purposes! HalleluYah.

There is a lot of information on these Holidays that has been put into a book called “fossilized customs”. It was written by Lew White a Nazarene like myself and my brothers and sisters. You can access this book if you want to know the TRUTH by contacting Elder David Roberts. He will help you.

Mainstream Christianity has known these things for years yet they do not turn from ill doctrine! Why? Would they have to admit inaccuracy in all their teaching? Most likely! Would they have to start from the beginning and reform? Definitely! Will They? Not the way it’s looking right now. In fact in most cases where I’ve brought this subject up, the ” priests” of Catholic Churches admit MESSIYAH’S birthday could not have been at the end of December, it’s too cold for shepherds to lay in fields. Pastors of Christian churches admit error in not only the calculation but in the story of the Magi coming to the manger. “That never happened!”

MESSIYAH was a toddler when the Magi came to  “a house” Miriam, Yoseph, and the child were occupying at that time  MattithYah (Matthew) 2:11. That would explain what King Herod has gathered from the Magi’s information and had all the male children 2 and under slain (MattithYah 2:16).

If you feel deceived “Don’t”, feel relieved, because a lot of people come face to face with this information daily and turn away from it making excuses for their lack of interest. “Oh it was for a good purpose.” “We do it to show our love for Jesus” “Wrong that’s not how it works!” HIS name was not Jesus, HIS name is “YAHSHUA!”

The so called Christmas trees are all over today’s churches and wreaths and bows all over houses decorated with lights and holly. These are all signs wishing for the re-birth of the sun god Nimrod! Yes once again all pagan worship practices, are endorsed by every local Chr-stian based ministry around. Every one!

December 25th is the winter solstice, in all the witch covens recognize that. It was a festival also known as “Saturnalia” in belief that the sun was dying and spells were cast to bring it back to life. A lot of Luciferian worship, witchcraft, and paganomics goes into these festivities. Would ABBA YAHWEH approve of assigning HIS only Son a birthday such as that! “No Way!”

Why does everyone celebrate something YAHWEH did not prescribe? All these man-made festivals YAHWEH hates. Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc. etc. They were all prophesized in many books of the Scriptures. Lets look at just a couple, turn to YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 1:13-14, He says: My soul hates them, O.K. lets see AmosYah (Amos) 5:21-23 and verse 26, YAHWEH hates idolatrous worship, and if we are not studying Scripture enough to realize we are transgressing HIS statutes (see-the 1st Commandment) by placing other gods before HIM, by our disobedience to Yahshua Ben Nun ( Joshua) 1:8 and Timtheous Bet (Timothy) 2:15 then we truly do not love HIM as we should.

However HE has prescribed the penalties for this lack of love and respect in Wayyiqra ( Leviticus) 26:14-46. This is what is happening today in the U.S. HE has turned HIS wrath towards a people who claim to be HIS children yet their hearts are far away from HIM. YeshaYahu 29:13-14. They have taught their children to worship other gods, YermeYah (Jeremiah) 7:18-19) and in turn for their falsity, ABBA YAHWEH has cursed them until they repent.

We cannot ever expect ABBA’S love while we are practicing the precepts of men. Our prayers will remain unanswered until we can overcome the worlds wickedness. He will hide HIS face from us until we get it right. Do not participate in the deeds of the whore of Babylon, come out of that Catholic Church. Get away from modern Chr-stian doctrine open up your ears, your eyes, and your hearts, put ABBA YAHWEH first in your life, study the Word, take no part of evildoers and those who transgress (1 Yochanan 3:4) ABBA’S Words.

Reasons To Not Participate In Christmas Lie

I cannot tell you how many excuses I hear every time I speak with so called chr-stians concerning the reasons they participate in these evil practices. Teaching them to little children, (which is honestly teaching them to tell lies) and teaching them to do the same to their own children also (Santa Claus is a lie) (Easter Bunny or Peter Rabbit is a lie) (The consecration at communion is a lie) and I might add is also witchcraft. “These are abomination!”

Most of them do it out of ignorance, then you also have the ones who do it out of pride so they can be in the spotlight “look at me I can sing, I can dance, I can play the guitar, I can beat the drums, I can I can I can,” but what they are really saying is :”Notice me somebody, inside I am empty, but I can say and do a lot of things.” a real worshipper puts aside his pride and watches the phonies and prays that ABBA YAHWEH puts sincerity in their hearts!

Can you sing, dance, play instruments or anything for ABBA YAHWEH while you are living lies in doctrine, can you preach lies to congregations or even to small amounts of people and lead them astray by proclaiming you have knowledge when the fact is you are manipulating these lost sheep right into the bowels of hell? You will see those who do “cut off from their people very soon.”

See these are the false prophets, people like Ken Copeland, T.D. Jakes, Ken Hagin, Joyce Meyers, Billy Graham, Cefflo Dollar, Jesse Duplanis, Tim Lahaye,  Jack Van Impe, and  all these other so called preachers who strut around in their pretty suits with make-up on their faces and a bank account they stole telling lies (YermeYah 14:14).

Jewish Myths & Christmas Trees Lies

If these people were for real they would be telling the truth, but their purpose IS NOT TRUTH, it’s their lear jet, and it needs gas, it’s their wives neck, and “it needs gold,” it’s their idea, ” but it’s your money! Don’t be taken away by lies, Jewish myths, Christmas trees or money hungry preachers. Be like EliYah and Enoch and be taken away by YAHWEH and HIS truth!

Celebrate MESSIYAH’S birth daily, thanking HIM for HIS blood, pray that HIS ABBA opens your eyes and that HIS will overtakes you, celebrate the fact that you have a place in HIS kingdom, but whatever you do, don’t put man’s precepts before ABBA’S YAHWEH’S Commandments! Just remember as those Christmas trees die and are taken and thrown into the fire “so are those who disobey YAHWEH!”