The Spirit Of Witchcraft

This Nation Has Rebelled:

This nation has rebelled like all the nations of the world. They will not keep YAHWEH’s Sabbath and will not even consider HIS Feast Days, yet they go forth in their pagan celebrations. They participate in the Satanic rituals like Halloween and offer up their children unto beings of darkness. They think that it is frivolity and it is not so! This is a time whereby the very powers of hell are celebrated and esteemed. Isn’t it amazing that most of the people will dress in costumes of the same spirit that is in them.

Are You Walking In Witchcraft???????

Those that are called of YAHWEH should not participate in any way shape or form with the vile activity called Halloween. You should not even participate by buying or eating any of the reduced candy when it goes on sale. It is sacrificed unto spirits of devils and darkness. For you to go and consume or buy any of these things that are specifically made and wrapped for that pagan day, you are walking in witchcraft. You mind and your spirit is in rebellion against YAHWEH. 

A Nation That Is Steeped In Witchcraft:

The world has its pagan days of rituals such as Halloween, which is a high day of Lucifarian worship. They gather in their synagogues of darkness to be empowered with vile unclean spirits that will overcharge them. They will take their children out under the mastery of devil power of druid paganism to beg, trick and treat. They will dress them in grotesques types of vile corrupt beings of darkness and wicked characters. The reason that this nation will give itself over unto this spirit is because it is a nation that is steeped in witchcraft.

you can’t serve two masters choose wisely your soul depends on it!!!!



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