Perfectly made

Armpit hair provides lubrication and lessens the friction of the skin between your arm and your body. The production of sebum prevents the skin from drying and cracking. Without armpit hair, the armpits would be susceptible to wounds and sores similar to a diaper rash in baby bottoms.

Think before you shave:

I think our Creator Yahweh made us perfectly and there is a reason for everything on our bodies. If Yahweh put it there then I am leaving it there.

So if you are looking to completely remove your armpit hairs, think again. They serve their very own purpose. If length turns out to be too much of a bother, regular trimming and maintenance will do. And don’t forget to take a bath regularly, especially when the hormones are starting to rage. You want to attract a mate with your pheromones, not overwhelm them. Keep in mind that armpit hairs are more help than they look.

So.leave your underarm hair AloneImage



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