Yahweh is the name of the heavenly father. Yah is the short form of the name meaning to be which is another way of referring to the self existing one that has no beginning and no end, he always was. To call Yahweh other than his name is to be mistaken.
A proper name should not change because it is spoken in a different language. DOES YOURS?? The name of Yahweh was given as a memorial to all generations; it never stops. Research the name Yahweh for yourself. It is what it is. The truth will stand on its own no matter what you or I think.

The name Yahweh is of the utmost importance to mankind. The real blessing is in knowing the name of Yahweh, for his name is his nature. The self existent one is because he is. Yahweh is truly the great I am that I am. The blessing is in knowing and believing in Yahweh.

Yahweh’s existent is not predicated on man’s acceptance of him. He made man and breathed the breath of life into him. The disbelief of man has no affect on the greatness of who Yahweh is. It is man’s loss if he never comes to know the splendor of his name. Yahweh’s very nature is described in his name. He is the great i am that i am..
At different periods of time Yahweh worked through different men and the sons of man. The purpose of his servants was mission was mostly attached to the name Yah. Usually, the purpose of the name was describe in the first part of the name.

We, as the clay of the potter, should have enough respect for the creator of the universe, to call him by his name, Yahweh. Yahweh is who he is and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. We have to live with it. I am overjoyed when I think about awesomeness of Yahweh. Yah has made his name known to me and others.
When one truly understands who Yahweh is, he you will know that man can never take that away from him. In the scriptures, Paul stated that nothing could separate him from the love of the messiah. Always remember that Yahweh is reflective of the self existing one. Yahweh is Yahweh.
NOT GOD for there are many gods BUT there is only ONE Creator and his name is YAHWEH!!!!Image


Perfectly made

Armpit hair provides lubrication and lessens the friction of the skin between your arm and your body. The production of sebum prevents the skin from drying and cracking. Without armpit hair, the armpits would be susceptible to wounds and sores similar to a diaper rash in baby bottoms.

Think before you shave:

I think our Creator Yahweh made us perfectly and there is a reason for everything on our bodies. If Yahweh put it there then I am leaving it there.

So if you are looking to completely remove your armpit hairs, think again. They serve their very own purpose. If length turns out to be too much of a bother, regular trimming and maintenance will do. And don’t forget to take a bath regularly, especially when the hormones are starting to rage. You want to attract a mate with your pheromones, not overwhelm them. Keep in mind that armpit hairs are more help than they look.

So.leave your underarm hair AloneImage


Living life the old fashioned way

Hello Everyone! I have been watching some programs on youtube these past few days about pioneer living. It amazes me how in this day and age people forget all about Yahweh and his son Yahshua due to the many material things that they feel they need and can’t live without. Computers,phones,cellphones,ipods, tv, radio  and whatever eles people use to distract them from the reason they are here on this earth. In Yahshua’s time there was None of these things. These things did not come until the 1900’s. I really enjoyed watching these programs so much that it actually got me excited to live this type of life. Well It won’t be that drastic but I will be giving a lot of things up. I already live with candle light and battery operated lanterns. I can a lot of my food because I don’t want to rely on the frig and freezer. Doing things by hand without electrical devices like sewing,crocheting,knitting, sweeping, not watching tv, visiting and  writing letters to friends instead of calling. Most important NOT relying on today’s modern life But simply living for Yah

I wonder how many people will be totally lost when one day the lights go out and the tv and computer don’t work??? The frig and freezer are defrosting all that meat. What will they do????c7c5054ec31934487645f41e604060a5