WOW!!!! the whole world except a few are deceived!!!

WOW This video is crazy!!! Yahweh and his Son yahshua were not kidding when they say that they whole world would be deceived  and by this video WOW they sure are .. I am soooo glad that I have been chosen.

Have a blessed day and my prayers for salvation!!!

Rityah  (rita) 


Heal me

Dear Yah,

Please help me with this pain that I am feeling on the right side of my stomach. I don’t know what it is but you do. I believe in you, you are My doctor the healer and you shall show me what I need to take and do. For all things are created by you. All things That can and will heal me,nourish and sustain me and my body. There is none that can heal as you. Protect me Yahweh all the days of my life.

This is my prayer for all…Have faith that the Creator is able To heal all If he chooses

I trust that he will heal me better than any human Doctor



RitYah (Rita)

Be Set Apart

Hello To all!! Shalom!! How are you living in this day? Do you follow what everyone is doing  or do you do what the word of Yahweh says. I use to follow and still fall short sometimes on following the people of this world. However this is something  that I choose not to do anymore. There is nothing wrong with the world that Yah created It’s the people who rebel and Don’t care to follow What our Creator told us simply to do. I have found A man on the web that Is nothing but the truth. I love the way he describes things. Most of it is sooo true Well here is the link that you can go listen for yourself and let me know what you think. He most certainly does not believe what the people of this world believe…That is what makes him different.


My Blog

Hello To all!!!! This Blog will be all about Living the simple Plain life according to the words of our Creator Yahweh. Our creator made us in his image therefore we should honor him by living that type of life. How are you living? Well I hope you will join me on this Journey called Life To live and learn the truth about Yahweh and the purpose for us.. thanks

RitYah (Rita)

Have a great day